What is SocialFi?

(On the example of the GrabCoinClub project)

Follow GrabCoinClub to participate in the management of SocialFi metaverse.

eople are essentially free, and throughout centuries of history, we have been looking for opportunities not to depend on external factors, including centralized economic systems. Now, thanks to blockchain technology, there are large communities of NFT assets holders who manage their decentralized token system. We are talking about the participants of SocialFi projects.

SocialFi Projects

SocialFi is a combination of social media, web 3.0, and finance. This concept allows the participants of SocialFi projects to receive rewards in cryptocurrency and influence the liquidity of new tokens that appear in the cryptocurrency arena.

GrabCoinClub is one of the most profitable projects in the SocialFi space. The ecosystem of the project offers great opportunities for passive income in cryptocurrency.

The ecosystem of the GrabCoinClub project includes three areas:

• GrabCoin game on the blockchain;

• the participation of NFT-avatars in the construction of their metauniverse, including DAO;

• the launch of an aggregator of NFT marketplaces.

The first direction and key product is a blockchain game, which is based on the play-to-earn principles, which allows you to win cryptocurrency and increase your financial position. To play GrabCoin, players choose their in-game avatars. All avatars are unique and are part of the NFT-game metaverse. They are a type of PFP avatars that represent the owner’s personality in the SocialFi metaverse. NFT avatars for playing GrabCoin can be purchased on the Polygon network.

The Polygon network is an Ethereum-compatible second-level sidechain operating on the PoS (Proof-of-Stake) algorithm. This network is faster and with lower fees than the main Ethereum network, which is an added benefit.

What Cryptocurrencies Are Listed in GrabCoinClub?

The members of the GrabCoinClub community will have direct access to personal wealth building in three types of tokens:

GrabClub token (CG) — an internal cryptocurrency that can be won in the GrabCoin game, mined and staked;

Bitcoin — a reward for completing the GrabCoin game tasks;

Ethereum — a reward for completing tasks in the GrabCoin game.

Dividends from Participation in DAO

The SocialFi concept guarantees the creation of a convenient social platform within the framework of the GrabCoinClub project. NFT avatars and GC holders have the right to vote in the DAO. DAO co-owners receive a bonus from the profits of the entire DAO.

If you want to become a member of a project with the SocialFi ecosystem, invest in GrabCoinClub. Get a lot of amazing opportunities, financial independence, and a better quality of life in general!

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