What Can GrabCoinClub NFTs Do?

3 min readJun 26, 2023
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NFT fans, metaverse enthusiasts, and play-to-earn gamers have been closely following the development of the GrabCoinClub project since 2022 when it unveiled its roadmap and announced the creation of a metaverse for role-playing games. Today, the metaverse is implemented in a demo version, and the main gameplay mechanics, according to the developers, will be available for evaluation this autumn. The fabric of the metaverse is woven from collectible game NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which are available for minting on the official GrabCoinClub website. In this article, we will delve into the purpose of GrabCoinClub NFTs and why minting them is essential.

How Is the Game Metaverse Structured?

The GrabCoinClub metaverse is a gaming platform based on NFT technology. Players have the opportunity to join this metaverse, create their unique virtual characters, and immerse themselves in an exciting gaming world.

Keep in mind that you won’t pass the face control if you don’t comply with the metaverse’s dress code. You must look like an alien tiger or dragon.

In GrabCoinClub, there are the FiHunters — intelligent tigers and dragons who came from the exoplanet FiToria. They hold knowledge about cryptocurrencies and came with a mission to help people build a decentralized world to fulfill their desires and thrive. All FiHunters are NFT avatars of players. As you might have guessed, they serve as the face and body of the player in the game, as well as grant access to various features and advantages in the metaverse. That’s why it is crucial for players to mint a FiHunter before starting the game — it is the only way to teleport into the metaverse’s space.

When you mint your avatar, you create your unique wild image that will soon be recognized by your friends, competitors, and game partners.

Players can also mint NFT artifacts, which are unique items or parcels in the virtual world. Owning NFT artifacts gives players additional opportunities, such as leveling up, accessing special features and content, and participating in the game’s economic system.

There are also SFTs — resources on planets that FiHunters mine to receive rewards. However, there is no need to mint SFTs. The company will independently replenish the planet’s resources in the metaverse to ensure its continuous existence.

What Can FiHunters Do in the Game?

FiHunters are the main heroes of the game metaverse. Players with a FiHunters’ look choose their gameplay strategy from the options offered by the developers, but the goal of the game remains the same for everyone — to earn as much in-game currency as possible — GC (GrabClub token). This token is successfully listed and traded on LBank Exchange paired with USDT. You can track the current token analytics on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. This utility currency can be exchanged for USDT and withdrawn into fiat currency.

So, to earn GC, FiHunters can:

  • Mine and sell resources.
  • Work as hired workers in production.
  • Rent out real estate or transportation, which are also NFTs.
  • Engage in gladiator battles of FiHunters in arenas.
  • Collaborate and form teams to complete multiplayer tasks and play the game together.
  • Participate in DAOs.
  • Or do nothing, but even in this case, owners of NFT avatars will receive GC tokens as “maintenance for their FiHunter.”

How to Use NFT Artifacts in the Game?

In the GrabCoinClub game, you can use 16 series of NFT artifacts. They are highly diverse, ranging from equipment to adorable space pets that FiHunters often keep. Each artifact has its own purpose:

  • Kords and harvesters are high-tech robots that help find and extract valuable resources.
  • Spaceships are excellent means of transportation for efficient movement in the metaverse.
  • Pets inspire FiHunters and enhance their superpowers.
  • Ammunition is needed for battles in arenas.
  • Land plots on planets can be rented out or developed and sold.
  • Factories, stations, and service centers create job opportunities for FiHunters.

NFTs in GrabCoinClub have high value for players. Owning unique NFT avatars and artifacts allows players to stand out in the metaverse, access exclusive features, and earn additional income. They are rare and collectible items that can elevate a player’s status within the GrabCoinClub community. Moreover, the ability to trade and sell NFTs on the market creates economic value, enabling players to earn from their digital assets. All of this makes NFTs in GrabCoinClub essential and sought-after components of the game metaverse.




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