Tips from GrabCoinClub on Building an Organic Crypto Community

3 min readJun 12, 2023
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GrabCoinClub has been forming its community relatively recently. Just a year and a half ago GCC started up its community building as a Web3 project. However, it has already achieved great results in this field. The project has over 11K followers on Twitter, strong support from chat participants on Telegram, and lively interest from new users on other social media platforms. The project’s fam owns collectible NFTs with a total value of $100,000 and holds 1,000,000 GC tokens, which started trading on a cryptocurrency exchange since May 30th of this year.

In this article, we want to share our insights on how to build an organic crypto community, where the hashtag #BUIDL doesn’t just decorate your posts, but becomes synonymous with your marketing strategy.

Tip #1

Define your goal! Before starting to build a community, clarify your goal and mission. A well-defined focus will help attract people who share your values and interests.

Tip #2

Create value! Provide unique value to your community. It can be informative content, educational materials, exclusive offers, or something completely different that helps members develop and grow.

GrabCoinClub Followers on Socials in Figures for June 5th, 2023

Tip #3

Engage and support the project fam! Actively interact with members of your community. Respond to questions, provide support, and encourage dialogue. Show genuine interest in the opinions and suggestions of participants, be yourself, and remember that honesty is the best policy and tactic for building trusting and strong relationships with your community.

Tip #4

Stimulate participation in the project’s life! Encourage community members to interact with each other. This can be done through contests, bonuses, or special programs for active participants. Strive to make your community more than just a platform but a living organism with shared interests, values, dreams, and ideally, shared digital assets that open new horizons for participants.

Tip #6

Consider community input! It’s important to listen to the opinions and feedback of community members. Take their suggestions into account and adapt your strategy to meet their needs and expectations.

Meme Featuring the Meaning of GC Currency for the Community

Tip #7

Utilize different platforms! Engage your target audience on various social media platforms and messengers, such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and others. Adapt your content for each platform and interact with participants in different formats.

Tip #8

Collaborate with other projects! Look for opportunities to collaborate with other projects in the crypto industry. Exchanging experiences and resources can lead to mutual support and the expansion of your community.

Tip #9

Stay calm! Building an organic community takes time and patience. Results may not appear instantly, but with consistent effort and dedication to your goal, you can develop a strong and active community.

GrabCoinClub strives to be more than just a project but a family with traditions and shared values, where people interact, exchange ideas, and support each other. We believe that with the help of these tips, you can build your own organic crypto community and succeed in the crypto industry.


See you in the Metaverse!

MetaMind Metaverse Created by GrabCoinClub for Owners of GrabCoinClub’s Collectible NFTs

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