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Blockchain provides a wealth of opportunities for everyone who are not afraid to expand their horizons. And if you are an experienced blockchain user, you surely know where collections of rare gems are concentrated — i.e. NFT collections by projects that are definitely worth of your attention. They are waiting for you on OpenSea.

Entering the Open Sea

OpenSea is a marketplace where collectors find valuable NFTs and creators sell their non-fungible masterpieces.

On OpenSea, everyone has an equal opportunity to present, sell and buy NFTs. Connect with your cryptocurrency wallet to the service and start your own analysis of the resource.

On OpenSea, every registered user has a profile. Your profile stores:
1) the NFTs you bought (or that were gifted to you);
2) NFT collections you’ve developed and uploaded to the marketplace;
3) lists of NFTs you like;
4) lists of NFTs you’ve put up for sale;
5) NFT buys and sales history.

The user-friendly, intuitive navigation makes you feel like a brave sea wolf on OpenSea, even if you have very little experience using the resource.

NFT Collections for P2E Gaming

You probably know that anything can be turned into the NFT format — all you have to do is to give that object a unique “electronic passport” — a smart contract. That’s why NFT is not only paintings by artists, but also videos, music, comic books, and other things. Even an apartment in New York City can become a token, if you create a smart contract for it, which records the history of the token — from the first owner receiving the keys to the current owner of the apartment, who recently purchased it on the secondary market.

A stand-alone category of NFT that is becoming increasingly popular is NFT for P2E-gaming.

P2E-gaming is blockchain-based games with smart contracts that provide options to earn money during the gameplay process. We’re talking about real money earning. Most often, players are first rewarded with in-game coin tokens, which can then be converted into cryptocurrency and put in their wallet.

P2E blockchain games are interesting because players are co-owners of a game or an entire gaming metaverse, as it is within the GrabCoinClub project, for example.

GrabCoinClub NFT Collectibles

The GrabCoinClub collection recently topped the OpenSea collectibles ranking. The idea of the project belongs to a video games developing company. Now game designers are finishing work on the first P2E game — GrabCoin. The alpha version of GrabCoin will be released at the end of 2022. However, players are now starting to buy up gaming NFTs from the GrabCoinClub collections featured on OpenSea.

Why buy NFTs before the game launches? It’s very simple: at the moment of the game’s release they can be already sold out, and on the secondary market, as we know, the prices for the NFT of successful projects grow many times over.

Now the first collection of GrabCoinClub FiHunters is available on OpenSea. FiHunters are clever tigers and dragons who, according to legend, arrived on the blockchain from the FiToria planet with a mission to teach blockchain adepts how to make cryptocurrency. That’s exactly what they do in the game of GrabCoin.

FiHunters are NFT-Avatars representing players. They teleport into the MetaMind Metaverse, travel to 25 Planets and grab treasures, for which they get GC tokens. The tokens can be exchanged for cryptocurrency on the Binance and DEX exchanges.

Without Avatar, the player will not have access to the game. Therefore, it is better to buy a FiHunter now, while there are still Avatars available, because their number is limited.

If you have already got an NFT Avatar, you can try your luck and win an in-game NFT Artifact to strengthen your in-game character — register on the Whitelist.

If you want to know more about GrabCoinClub, join our social networks and get the latest news about the project. And if you know GrabCoinClub not by hearsay, but have been its active member, we recommend to follow GrabCoinClub collections updates on OpenSea.



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