How to Achieve Personal Financial Freedom in 2022?

We know that the beginning of 2022 has become a crisis for many countries. People whose incomes were linked to the state banking systems sharply experienced the dependence on the distribution of budgets and the conditions implemented for central banks.

However, members of the crypto community have remained afloat and can be watching the economic crisis in their countries without fear for their financial stability. In particular, this applies to gamers who make money on play-to-earn games and have cryptocurrency savings.

Sonata, the NFT avatar to play GrabCoin

What is Play-to-Earn?

Play-to-Earn (P2E) is a financial model successfully implemented in the blockchain games. It allows owners of gaming characters or artifacts in NFT format to receive cryptocurrency whenever their avatars complete in-game tasks. In some games, you can both win and lose your NFTs.

Genres of play-to-earn games include:

• adventure action games,

• strategies,

  • multiplayer online arenas, etc.

The Concept of P2E in the GrabCoin Game

In 2022, the creators of a social-financial platform GrabCoinClub are going to launch a new blockchain game with the P2E concept. It’s called GrabCoin. To tune into the game, you need to purchase a game NFT-avatar. It is a clever tiger or dragon from the FiHunters family that represents the personality of its owner in the game metaverse. The FiHunters complete the tasks in the rounds and receive rewards in Bitcoins, Ethereum, and GrabClub (GC) tokens.

Since the game characters are NFTs, their owners automatically become co-owners of the game metaverse. The higher the cost of the acquired avatar, the more financial benefits its owner receives. The developers have integrated the cryptocurrency mining option into the game. And soon, GrabCoin players will start receiving passive income from the total profit of the DAO.

In conclusion, we would like to add that gaming NFTs are assets that the owners can sell out on favorable terms because the price of non-fungible tokens from GrabCoin will increase over time. The crypto money accumulated in the GrabCoin game can be withdrawn in a convenient currency. Moreover, the developers provided opportunities for passive income. It allows you not to worry about tomorrow.



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